My name is Kerstin Kemper. Originally Swedish, but happily living in Switzerland. In my exclusive fitness boutique studio in the center of Wollerau SZ, I am offering Pilates, barre workouts und cold laser treatments. My mission is to help people of any age to get fit, more healthy and to achieve the best-ageing method. I have selected Pilates, barre and Cold Laser Therapy, as I believe each one contributes intelligently to a person’s health, either stand-alone or together. I got familiar with the Pilates system during my earlier career in investment banking. With a demanding job and frequent travels, I found Pilates to be a wonderful method for stretching out shortened muscles, improve strength, stamina and also better connect to a proper breathing. Some years later, I did my Pilates instructor training in the USA with first generation master teacher Lolita San Miguel – a direct student of Joseph Pilates, the founder of the exercise system. Since then, I passionately like to teach Pilates.



Barre workout is a wonderful cardio training. It is a light form of HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, that triggers the fat burn and improves stamina. Through barre workouts, you also gain stronger, leaner muscles and more flexibility. After a few lessons, you will start noticing positive effects of firming up.

I came across the Cold Laser Therapy thanks to my brother Torbjörn in Sweden. He went to cold laser treatments due to a painful knee injury and enthusiastically told me about other positive effects in addition to less pain in the knee: he gained more energy, a better mental performance, he lost weight and more hair grew on his head. With great curiosity, I traveled to Stockholm and had the privilege to meet with one of Europe’s experts on cold laser technology, Christian Franzetti at his clinic "Human ReCharge". I spoke to enthusiastic patients and decided to start offering these treatments in Switzerland. I ordered the laser machines from the global market leader, Erchonia, a research driven company that holds 2O different FDA market clearances.

In my approach, I respect that every person is different, consequently each program is individually designed. Feel free to contact me for a free personal assessment. Welcome to Kerstin Kemper!