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In my exclusive Pilates, Barre and Cold Laser boutique studio in Wollerau SZ, you can practice classic Pilates designed to match your individual fitnesslevel. You also have the chance to sweat at the ballet barre and in a fun and dynamic workout. In the separate Cold Laser studio, we offer revitalizing cold laser treatments. 

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In the Pilates private training sessions, you will exercise on the traditional Pilates equipment, such as Reformer, Cadillac, WundaChair and Ladder Barrel. These machines offer a wide variety of different exercises and each client will get a personalized program.  

In the Pilates semi-private small group, I offer an effective workout on the mat and we incorporate small Pilates equipment. The whole body becomes stronger, especially the deep core muscles, and you develop a balanced musculature.

The Pilates Barre Fusion is a cardio training on the ballet barre. It's a combination of ballet, Pilates und fitness functional training transformed into a dynamic-elegant program which sculpts the body in an amazing way. The fat burning is activated.

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The Cold Laser Therapy boosts the energy level in the body which in turn stimulates different healing processes. The cold laser light is used for different types of treatments such as fatloss, pain therapy, anti-inflammation, anti-ageing and for a mental boost.

In addition to Pilates and Barre, I offer workshops on natural nutrition and how to eat healthier. Energizing smoothies und juices belong to the house special. I explain how you can create new healthy habits in an easy and playful way without ever doing another diet.

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The Kerstin Kemper motto: There is nothing more beautiful than a human being who feels gorgeous in his or her own body. It is not about the perfect weight or about the number of wrinkles in the face. It is about having a positive attitude and saying yes to Life. And giving yourself the best, as good as you can.

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